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About Us

Budd The Furnace Man & Sons, Inc. was established in 1921 by the late Clement T. (Budd) Clusserath as a residential heating company. Our scope of work has continuously broadened and at this time residential heating and air conditioning is only a portion of our production. Our name has remained with us due to our early customers and local residential work is still being completed under the name of Budd The Furnace Man & Sons, Inc. since it has earned an excellent reputation for reliability in our area.

However, the name while respected locally, does get strange reaction elsewhere and does not convey an accurate overall picture of our firm, therefore; industrial and commercial work, the bulk of our production, is handled by Budd Mechanical Systems Division.

Second generation assumed control in 1950 by the late Gerald T. Clusserath who had the insight and wisdom to continue growth of the business into the early 90’s.

Third generation assumed control in 1990 by Dana A. (Clusserath) Booth. This generation has fostered the same principles attributing to the continued success of the company, which are excellent customer relations, quality workmanship, integrity, reliability and recognition of all the people and talent that get us through each and every year.

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